Business and Success Coach, Caroline Kay has taught creative and service-led entrepreneurs how to grow fast by making the competition irrelevant. She’s worked with the most innovative start-up’s and elite creative agencies on how to get in front of and secure their dream clients, including Google, Lego, Amazon, L’Oreal, Vodafone and Warner Bros to name a few. Caroline stepped out on her own in 2019 and founded her coaching business. She runs private coaching programs, group workshops, and provides creative agencies with growth consultancy. Her lighthearted business podcast, Snippets of Genius, is available now.


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Credit: Cesira Colleluori
Credit: Cesira Colleluori
Credit: Cesira Colleluori



New business & entrepreneurs – The Fuel Podcast

Ballsy moves are what drives business coach Caroline Kay’s podcast ‘Snippets of Genius‘ and in this episode, she outlines why new business people have an entrepreneurial spirit that you don’t find anywhere else. Caroline sat down with Keith to reveal her motivations for relocating her business to Rome and to get into podcasting. If you are thinking of upping your game, listen to this show and then give Caroline a call!


Italian Dreaming – Soul Leaders Podcast

Caroline relives her entrepreneurial journey with Mills Gray host of the Soul Leaders Podcast, from the moment she knew she’s never go back to a job, to building a life and business in both the UK & Italy. Caroline shares the defining moments, the false starts and her winning business strategies to make it all possible.


Rockstar CMO FM #45

Caroline talks to Ian Truscott about “What 2020 has taught us” tune into hear the lessons and tools Caroline has learned and shared to support her clients’ who are building thriving businesses.

Rockstar CMO FM #20

In an interview with Ian Truscott, Caroline dives deep into her entrepreneurial journey including how she gained the marketing skills to build her business spinning off a failure. Her views on the divide between sales and marketing and what she wants every marketeer to avoid.

The Blur Issue, The Swimming Pool.

That marketer, the one that wants to be your friend, splashed into the deep end of the Swimming Pool after being hand-picked by Editor in Chief Ian Truscott from his weekly podcast show. Caroline’s shares why it’s important not to blur the lines between personal and professional.

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