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Caroline Kay, founder of Vincita, empowers people to take giant leaps and fearlessly embrace their next big opportunity. Throughout her Career, Caroline’s worked with innovative start-up’s and elite creative agencies to secure dream clients and deliver industry first brand and marketing campaigns. Caroline decided to step out on her own in 2019, when she moved to Rome and founded her business Vincita: an accelerator to discover, design, and dominate brand new categories of business – that change the way we live and work. Caroline is also the executive producer and hostess of a lighthearted business podcast, Snippets of Genius, Each episode shares insights into how you can attract and cultivate success and it’s available now.


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Credit: Cesira Colleluori

Credit: Cesira Colleluori

Credit: Cesira Colleluori

Rockstar CMO FM #20
Ian Truscott hosts: Rockstar CMO FM #20- Pitfalls every marketeer needs to avoid In an interview with Ian Truscott, Caroline dives deep into her entrepreneurial journey including how she gained the marketing skills to build her business spinning off a failure. Tune in to hear her views on the divide between sales and marketing and…
RockstarCMO FM Caroline Kay
Rockstar CMO FM #45
Ian Truscott hosts: Rockstar CMO. FM #45- Lessons And Tools To Build A Thriving Business Caroline talks to Ian Truscott about “What 2020 has taught us” tune into hear the lessons and tools Caroline has learned and shared to support her clients’ who are building thriving businesses. Listen Now
Ready to power up your business? #S1EP9 Caroline Kay explains how.
My first ever solo show, this episode is packed with insight to help you show up and do the work that will help you grow with ease and confidence.
We love Caroline
The Fuel Podcast
Keith Smith Hosts: The Fuel Podcast. New business & entrepreneurs. Ballsy moves are what drives business coach Caroline Kay’s podcast ‘Snippets of Genius‘ and in this episode, she outlines why new business people have an entrepreneurial spirit that you don’t find anywhere else. Caroline sat down with Keith to reveal her motivations for relocating her…
The woman I dream to be
Women's World Club hosts: The woman I dream to be. Creating your unique success story with Caroline Kay   Fulfillment and strategies are words that relate to one another. Caroline Kay shares her story to success and her mission in making her life a fulfillment journey! In her story she reveals the strategies she…
Everwell City Caroline Kay
Everwell City: When more isn’t enough, and how to create real life success
Nat Lipecka Hosts: Everwell City. When more isn’t enough, and how to create real life success – A conversation with Caroline Kay Caroline Kay joins Nat Lipecka to talk about life as a high performer. Raised to achieve since a young age, Caroline’s always been hungry for more, bigger and better, but – despite outward…
How-to- set-goals-the-right-way
How to set goals the right way; to regain your balance and make your dreams happen #S2EP9
I know you have big ambitions and you’re not here to play it small. So break the habit and don’t let your seemingly never ending to do list keep you waiting for success.
Soul Leaders Podcast: Winning Business Strategies
Mills Gray hosts: Soul Leaders Podcast - Winning Business Strategies with Caroline Kay Caroline relives her entrepreneurial journey with Mills Gray host of the Soul Leaders Podcast, from the moment she knew she’s never go back to a job, to building a life and business in both the UK & Italy. Caroline shares the defining…
TGTV meets Caroline Kay
TGTV meets Caroline Kay
Meet Ben Collins and Patrick Charlie Lambert, co founders of True Group and hosts of TGTV, they are without a doubt the coolest guys you will ever get to hang out with. I was thrilled to be asked to be one of their True Group TV guests. Tune in to TGTV as we share…
Anatomy of Action - Caroline Kay
The Anatomy of Action: A handy action set for everyday purposeful living #S4EP9
Have your pen and paper ready as inside this episode I share the tools and exercises to help you figure out what brings you to life. You’ll hear the techniques that reveal where to focus your efforts to deliver real results, build momentum and grow.
Uncharted Journey
Uncharted Journeys
Caroline reveals her biggest success hacks. How she used her strength as a connector to start and grow. Why she doesn’t recognize “can’t” as an option. Her love for Disney and the biggest challenges she’s faced.
Caroline Kay - Podcast S5 Ep8
We Are Value Centric with Caroline Kay S5 EP8
Create Positive Change. How you can move from your lowest point to seeing opportunities, finding the gifts and bouncing back positively.
Tiny Giants: Accelerating Belief Into Big Opportunity with Caroline Kay
Tiny GiantsCAREER OVER CELEBRITY: Three times as many children ages 8-12 want to be YouTubers than astronauts. But the Creator Economy is far more than just YouTube and TikTok. This show reaches past Social Media stardom and focuses on the careers and market trends that make the Creator Economy just that – an economy. We…
Rockstar CMO FM # 156: Positive Intelligence – Understanding And Facing Your Saboteurs
Founder of Vincita, Caroline Kay returns backstage for the third time after previous appearances on episodes 20 and 45. Ian and Caroline discuss her approach to leadership coaching, her inspiring podcast, the concept of Positive Intelligence and the importance of understanding and facing your saboteurs. 156: The Building a Team, Positive Intelligence with Caroline Kay…

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© 2023 All Rights Reserved.