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Build your tech start up with Dom Ivison

How to find the people who will help you build your tech start-up with Dom Ivison #S4E2

Ever had a product idea and thought, why hasn’t anyone made that? You could be sitting on the next big thing! No joke. I hear you now, saying yeah right… Where do I even begin? Today on Snippets of Genius Dom Ivison shares the people, agencies, investors and clients who can help you take…

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Jennifer Tarjanyi

The secrets to be more creative, compassionate, and connected. Interview with Jennifer Tarjanyi #S3EP7

Do you love learning but can easily recall some fairly crap experiences? Have you been on a company training program that did nothing for you? Did a dreaded role play and experienced no lasting benefits? Does all this leave you wondering how you can train your staff and build your company to be more connected,…

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How-to- set-goals-the-right-way

How to set goals the right way; to regain your balance and make your dreams happen #S2EP9

Have you let waiting become a habit?  Are you waiting for the right time, better circumstances or maybe waiting until you’ve made more money to make those plans and commit to your goals? I’m sorry to be the one that breaks it to you, but life waits for no one. You’ve got to grab life…

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position for success Lauren Armes

Part Two: Lauren Armes’ story from Solopreneur to CEO – The critical steps to position for success #S2E8

Are you enjoying being an entrepreneur? Or do you feel tired of wearing all the hat’s, spinning a million plates and are you starting to feel like you are working way too much with too little reward? Then you are potentially missing the golden opportunities to make the entrepreneurial ride a whole lot easier…

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Part One: Charlotte Diaz – The simple mistake founders make with their people and the one invaluable fix #S2E5

Ready to scale your business? Would you like to avoid the simple and costly mistakes founders make with their people? Tune in to today's episode and learn the simple mistake you can avoid and best of all the invaluable fix from the one and only Charlotte Diaz. Charlotte came from a world where…

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