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How to fail without regret and carve out a strong future with Andres Korin

How to fail without regret and carve out a strong future with Andres Korin

Snippets of Genius with Caroline KaySnippets of Genius is a lighthearted business Podcast with some brilliant insights into how you can attract and cultivate success. In each episode GENIUS guests from the worlds of business development, marketing, design and wellness, share the ballsy, daring moves they made to burst opportunities wide open. Join Caroline Kay…

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Pok Pok - Melissa Cash CEO and Team

No more uncertainty! How to turn your side hustle into a thriving business #S4EP3

Ever felt like you aren’t doing enough and that you want to have a greater impact on your community and on the world? Or maybe that you’ve peaked in your role and you’re ready for the next challenge? On today’s show my guest Melissa Cash had exactly those feelings and transitioned from working in a…

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Is it insane to start a business in the midst of the pandemic? #S1EP5 Interview with Lucy Nelson

Whatever life throws at us, this always brings up new customer needs or simply creates a bigger need. In today’s show we talk about starting not one but two businesses, which both solve a real customer pain -  mental, physical, emotional, and everything in between.  My guest is Lucy Nelson, Director & CEO of 2XN, A…

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The perfect time to start your business is now #S1EP4 with Tony O’Sullivan, the mobile vet.

Are you working long hours? Do you have little time for friends and family? Are you too tired in your free time to really make the most of it?  If you're struggling to listen to your heart and find the perfect time to start your business, today’s episode will help.  This week's guest was struggling with the…

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