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Are you preparing for a big opportunity and need strategic advice and industry expertise?

You’re in the right place. 

Sometimes you just need an outside perspective, to get deep with someone who’ll help you validate what will and won’t work. 

This one-off session allows us to dive into the challenges you’re currently facing and shine a light on what you need to gain a competitive edge so you can develop your plan and begin implementing it immediately.

The session runs for 120-minutes (90-minutes of coaching + 30 minutes prep and follow up with written documentation and guidance). 

Calls are made using Zoom.

Your one-off business coaching session will be tailored to your unique requirements. 

Caroline Kay

Develop momentum using my 3 part framework designed to give you a blueprint to your brilliance.


We will assess where you are today and workshop your strategic approach to give you the advantageYou will get super clear on what makes you right for this opportunity, and what it might take to get you to be a front-runner. 


Looking specifically at what the decision makers see, you will receive clear, direct feedback on how you stand out against the competition – and what is and isn’t working about your approach. You will get clarity on how to lean into your knowledge, experience and capabilities and know where to look to leverage it in all your communication.


We will put the measures in place to make sure you maximise this opportunity. A lot of this is down to speed and your ability to think on your feet. You will walk out with detailed notes and the confidence to pivot as required to position your experience and expertise powerfully. I will ensure you have the right process, psychology and practice to open up more possibilities.  

Payment is required before the consult. You’ll receive constructive feedback and guidance on all materials shared following the one-off coaching session.

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An entrepreneur, strategic business and success coach dedicated to helping smart people grow their business so they can make a greater impact on the world.

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