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David Allison

S7 EP8: David Allison – How to make fast friends you value

Compel, Captivate and Connect Snippets of Genius with Caroline KaySnippets of Genius is a lighthearted business podcast with some brilliant insights into how you can burst opportunities wide open. In each episode GENIUS guests from high performing companies share the ballsy, daring moves they made to cultivate and achieve success. Join Caroline Kay for a…

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Caroline Kay Motivational Speaker

Women of Impact 2023

Recently, I had the privilege of giving a speech on 'mastering persuasion' at Women of Impact Italia—an event dedicated to female empowerment and leadership. The audience was eager to explore entrepreneurship, leadership, and career strategies, making it an ideal platform to distill lessons learned from my personal journey. Setting Up The focal point of my…

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Loughborough University's Annual Leadership Conference

Navigating the Crossroads: Reflections on Quitting, Growth, and Happiness

On the 13th of May 2023, Loughborough University's annual Leadership Conference delved into the complex theme of quitting and the circumstances under which it can be a positive choice. It was a full day of workshops, talks, and networking opportunities with external trainers, businesses, alumni, and experts. I had the great pleasure of speaking on…

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