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The proven ways to create FOMO; help, share, collaborate and get everybody talking #S3E1 May King

To kick us off series 3, I have the amazing May King Tsang, who is known for her ability to create FOMO. May King has built her reputation and her authority in the world of making tea and making mistakes; as all us humans do. In this episode she shares with us her energy, optimism and bravery to find her path to success.

The contents is revealing!

How to set goals the right way; to regain your balance and make your dreams happen.

Have you let waiting become a habit? Are you waiting for the right time, better circumstances or maybe waiting until you’ve made more money? 

I know you have big ambitions and you’re not here to play it small. So break the habit and don’t let your seemingly never ending to do list keep you waiting for success to come your way. 

Setting goals is the first step to break the habit and when you set goals the right way. Big things happen. Life changing things that create a ripple effect and before you know it you are smashing goals left right and centre. Listen now.

Part Two: Lauren Armes’ story from Solopreneur to CEO – The critical steps to position for success.

Are you enjoying being an entrepreneur? Or do you feel tired of wearing all the hat’s, spinning a million plates and are you starting to feel like you are working way too much with too little reward? Then you are potentially missing the golden opportunities to make the entrepreneurial ride a whole lot easier and whole lot more fun!

Lauren Armes is back to share how you can keep yourself on the right track, position for success, and get that winning feeling back every week. Listen now.

Part One: Lauren Armes’ story from solopreneur to CEO – The critical steps to uncover your big idea.

In this episode, I welcome to the show Lauren Armes, an inspiring lady who wears many hats. Lauren shares her journey from a career in business development to starting her business empire and the critical steps to uncover your big idea.

Stay with us to the end to hear the biggest lesson she learnt during her transition from Solopreneur to CEO and make sure you tune in next week for part two, where we dig in to Lauren’s 3 critical mindset shifts to succeed.

Part Two: Charlotte Diaz – 5 pitfalls business owners make and how to avoid them

Have you heard the saying “Sometimes you just have to take the leap and build your wings on the way down”? Would you rather make it less of a leap and more of an easy, natural next step? 

Tune-in to part two of Charlotte Diaz’s snippets of genius, where she shares the pivotal moments she’s had growing her wings and how you can avoid the 5 pitfalls most business owners make!

Part One: Charlotte Diaz – The simple mistake founders make with their people and the one invaluable fix.

Tune in to today’s episode and learn the simple mistake you can avoid and best of all the invaluable fix from the one and only Charlotte Diaz, Founder and HR Specialist of Cirrus HR who helps connect people with their purpose.

This show unpacks what this means and the opportunities for businesses everywhere, including yours, to make the world that much more wonderful.

Part two: Jo Youle – 5 tips to breakthrough to the next level of your business

It’s here! Part 2 of my interview with Jo Youle, Creative audio specialist, hostess of the Reset Rebel and all round rockstar.

Get ready to breakthrough barriers and approach the next stage of your business in a whole new way. We dive into what the future holds for Jo and how she will continue to carve her path using the best tips, advice and resources to guide her and you along the way.

Part one: Jo Youle – How to stay on track and build a business you love

Join me for this very special guest, creative audio specialist, journalist and my very own podcast mentor, Jo Youle.

In part 1 of this 2 part show, Jo reveals the twists and turns and defining moments that she experienced to gain clarity, grow a big pair of balls and make the decision to go all in and continue to pivot.

Part two: Terry Tyrrell’s Playbook, Heroes & The Day He’ll Never Forget

Do you have an ambition to be seen as an organisation that is changing things?

In part 2 of this EPIC Episode, Terry Tyrrell shares everything from building the playbook to finding the shoulders to lean on, his heroes that inspired him to stay doing what he loves and his secrets to keep the success alive.

Part One of Terry Tyrrell’s Lucky Breaks, BHAGs and Risk Taking.

Series 2, Episode 1 of Snippets of Genius has arrived and it’s a belter with industry legend Terry Tyrrell.

We are taken on a whistle stop tour of his risk taking, BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) and his lucky breaks, we cram 40 years of pivotal moments into 40 minutes!

Get ready for the first 20 minutes to set you up for huge growth.

Ready to power up your business? 

This week’s episode provides insight on how to move the needle on your business goals, ditch the distractions and create the life and business you truly desire. 

Join me today for my first solo show, where I wrap up the great lessons from my fantastic guests in series one. Plus you’ll gain my favourite productivity hack to clear the clutter and focus your efforts to start winning the work you want and make every day count. 

Can you start a consulting business in 2 weeks? #S1EP8 The Charlie Allen Interview

First you might want to ask yourself, if you are on or off the cheeseboard? Find out what this means and more in this week’s episode with the wonderful Charlie Allen, Founder of Roadhouse; a commercial esports business that consults globally with major rights holders, brands, game publishers, media owners & investors.

Charlie shares his epic entrepreneurial journey as a single dad of three, pandemic homeschooling duties and a global business to build in yep, only 2 weeks.

How to achieve authentic well-being and thrive #S1EP7 with Nat Lipecka

Today’s guest wants you to thrive, but what does that mean? Nat Lipecka, Life and Performance Coach at Everwell, takes us on her own journey from a successful career that nearly broke her spirit to gaining the clarity she needed to break free, reinvent herself, and expand her potential. 

Decide now to start living without compromise, start living authentically and be the very best you can be.

EP 6 The 3 things you need more than experience to scale your business #S1E6 Chris Cummings

Have you spent your life in one place? One city? One job? Coasting along, happy enough but never really feeling the urge to disrupt your life, until now?

Chris Cummings CEO of Sonas Group’s talk will inspire you to make the difference you were born to make. Let this be the year that you take a stand for something that you know our world needs. If you are thinking it and feeling it, 9 times out of 10 there will be someone out there in the world feeling exactly the way you do too and ready to help you scale.

EP 5 Is it insane to start a business in the midst of the pandemic?

If you’re struggling to decide on your next move or next business idea, this episode is guaranteed to inspire! Lucy Nelson, CEO & Founder of 2XN and Co-founder of The Life Plan, will give you some of the answers you’ve been hunting for: from the how to the what, when and why and how she put it all into action full throttle. 

Buckle up for her fast paced start-up journey. 

EP 4 The perfect time to start your business is now

Are you working long hours? Do you have little time for friends and family? Are you too tired in your free time to really make the most of it? 

If you’re struggling to listen to your heart, today’s episode will help. Tony, London’ Mobile Pet Vet, takes us on his journey from the glow of an idea to a full on blaze. 

EP 3 How to build a business on your terms

Feeling undervalued or frustrated at work? If that’s you, today’s guest will not only inspire you to seize an opportunity but also recognise that you have got what it takes to be a success on your terms.

If you want to build a business that truly thrives on your terms, listen to my interview with James Starkey, Founder of Black Lab Digital

EP 2 How to start a revolution

If you could go back in time and tell your younger self the words to live by, what would you say? 

Chloe’s on the Snippets of Genius podcast today to share her entrepreneurial journey, including all the mistakes, wrong-turns, nightmare bosses, redundancies and lock-down’s that helped get her to where she is now. 

If you know you’re meant to make a difference but aren’t sure how, this conversation with Chloe Markham, Founder of The Yoga Revolution is a must-listen! 

EP 1 Ben Collins’ Entrepreneurial Journey

My premier episode is a beauty, with the devilishly handsome film director and serial entrepreneur Ben Collins: Founder of DHP Studios, Walk True and True Events.

If you’re looking for a bite size dose of inspiration and a couple of laughs along the way, this  episode will deliver. Ben’s incredible journey of passion, out-right ballsiness, and the biggest dose of self-belief I’ve ever heard, needs to be on your playlist now! 

Introduction to the Snippets of Genius: a lighthearted business podcast that reveals what winning at the start up game really means.

In each episode guests from the worlds of business development, marketing, design and entertainment, share their ballsy, daring moves to build a thriving business they love. 

Every episode explores an inspirational journey of success and gives you the insights into what you need to build a business that stands out, scales up and makes a difference.