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Meet My Clients

Below you’ll find some of the kind words my incredible clients have written or spoken about working with me. 

Working with Caroline has been fantastic!

 I have learnt to engage and connect with others on a more meaningful level which in turn has helped me to improve my relationships both in the work place and in my personal life.

I will be strongly recommending Caroline’s programme to anyone who will take the time to listen to me!

Tom Goldsmith, Head of Development Consultancy. Copping Joyce Surveyors
Tom Goldsmith

Caroline’s empathy, enthusiasm and direction has continually pushed my boundaries one step further in every session.

Caroline has skillfully guided me through the uncertain waters of a transition period in my professional path.

She has helped me to unearth my ambitions, keep confident and think big.

I am now empowered, both in terms of strategic thinking and execution, to fearlessly embrace change.

Roberta Vivenzio, Global Communications & Media Relations Specialist. The London Stock Exchange

Working with Caroline is truly transformational. 

I’m now making more money doing what I love than I’ve ever made. 

Working together changed who I am and how I present myself to the world professionally, and in the other parts of my life as well. 

I can’t see any other way you can understand and see how valuable you are to the organisations you want to work for. 

I have and I will continue to recommend Caroline to anyone who’s struggling in their career and not happy with where they’re at. 

Michelle Wallon, International Development Consultant, Global Fund For Women
Michelle Wallon

Caroline’s really helped me and my business make huge strides forward and it’s been fun!

In every session we have worked on tangible deliverables on business strategy, active proposals and mindset.

My expectations have been exceeded by a mile.

I would highly recommend Caroline as a Business Coach to help take your business to the next level, she’s been brilliant.

Alex Grundy, Founder & CEO Spendkey

It’s great to work with Caroline.

She has given me the confidence to expand my business goals as well as set focused, achievable targets to work towards my ambitions.

My productivity has rocketed.

I would recommend her to anyone who is serious about making it big!

Ben Collins, Founder & Director The True Group

I recommend trusting Caroline to be the wind beneath your professional and business wings.

She brings energy, enthusiasm, and commitment to developing, and achieving your goals, with an incredible toolbox of really insightful techniques.

It’s an absolute joy to have Caroline on your side.

Ian Truscott, CMO Spotler Group & Founder RockstarCMO

Caroline has enabled me to think outside of the box and move the needle forward in more ways than I can count.

Through holding me accountable and challenging my habits, I have been able to double my productivity. Caroline has taught me lifelong lessons in time management, goal setting and business acumen which will stick with me as I continue to build and grow.

I would recommend Caroline to anyone looking to take their business/career to the next level!

Leigh Bornstein, Chief Experience Officer, Uflex Reward


Working with Caroline has been incredibly rewarding! 

I’ve learnt valuable skills and most importantly I learnt to shift my mindset with Caroline’s expertise in Positive Intelligence.

I would highly recommend Caroline to anyone looking to gain clarity, establish a marketing strategy, and accomplish more in business and in life with ease, passion and positivity!

Monica Sitta, Founder & Health Coach at Amore Wellness.

Caroline’s a total boss.

I wasn’t really expecting to get so clear on the fluff that fills my business hat, but what an outcome.

I now feel like I’ve got this, way way more than I did before, largely because I now have clear business goals, the structure to deliver against them and that all important space that allows my mind to breathe.

If you’re thinking about it, stop thinking and jump in. Trust her. You won’t regret it.

Chloe Markham, Owner and Teacher at The Yoga Revolution

Working with Caroline has been transformative for me.

Caroline has enabled me to become really clear on the business I want to create and take practical steps to make it a reality.

Thank you so much.

Charlotte Diaz, Owner & Director, Cirrus HR

Caroline will get you to your goals, and then help you push past these, straight onto the next. 

Caroline helped me raise £200,000 for my business in just six months. She helped me smash limiting beliefs I had about myself, and supported me to reconsider my approach to areas across my whole life, from spirituality to finances.

Max May, CEO Rural Arts


Caroline is a very genuine coach, with really great positive energy and she truly cares.

Before we met, I wasn’t clear on my new business idea, the what/why/who/ how and I didn’t feel confident in my abilities. I no longer feel that way. I’ve now got massive clarity around who I want to serve and how I’m going to do that.

If you want someone to help you see what you’re capable of, what’s possible for you, and help you gain the confidence to get out there and do it – work with her.

Jordan Eaton, Owner, Eaton Coaching & Consulting

Caroline shared invaluable tools to stretch my thinking and inspire my own self-work and development. 

Caroline helped me clarify my priorities, define my values and my WHY, update my online profile and CV to better reflect my accomplishments and story. Caroline always held me to account and pushed me to think seriously about my creative projects and plans, which includes publishing my podcast!

I would recommend Caroline to anyone who is feeling stuck and needs help taking action and steps towards their goals.


Izzy Francke, Channel 4, Creative Diversity Executive

Caroline’s positivity is infectious and I would leave each session feeling buoyed by her enthusiasm and ready to face the next challenge

I felt very unsure If I’d made the right decision about starting my own business and wanted the support and accountability of a coach. Although I struggled to fully commit to the process, Caroline was relentless in her commitment to keep me engaged and encouraged me to carry on each time I felt like giving up on my business dream.

Francesca Morrison, Freelance Copy Writer, Girl Can Write

Caroline’s realistic but ambitious for you, which is a great balance as you need to be pushed to grow. 

Her enthusiasm to help you is infections. She also helps you look at things in a new way, and even if you have a road block, she’s very clever at bringing out the best in you.

Caroline’s taught me that investing in myself is really important – if you think about how much time you invest in other people, or for other companies it’s crazy that you neglect YOU so much!

Caroline is fab, and will help you take the steps you need to take – with a gentle but important nudge along the way!

Sarah Weeks, Event Production Director FRUKT

Caroline’s helped me redefine work from being something I didn’t enjoy into something fun that is growing.

I would absolutely 100% recommend working with Caroline for whatever stage at business you are at, she will get you from where you are to where you want to be faster than you are able to alone.

Rebecca Bennetto, Founder,
Wild Orange Wellness


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