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Part One: Charlotte Diaz – The simple mistake founders make with their people and the one invaluable fix #S2E5

Ready to scale your business? Would you like to avoid the simple and costly mistakes founders make with their people? Tune in to today's episode and learn the simple mistake you can avoid and best of all the invaluable fix from the one and only Charlotte Diaz. Charlotte came from a world where…

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The 3 things you need more than experience to scale your business #S1EP6 Chris Cummings

Have you spent your life in one place? One city? One job? Coasting along, happy enough but never really feeling the urge to disrupt your life, until now?  If you’re dreaming of changing it up, making a contribution, and no longer settling with how things’s guest will inspire.  Chris Cummings, CEO of Sonas Group…

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