Victoria Sardain is a corporate wellness consultant and self mastery life coach. In this episode she takes us behind the scenes of her entrepreneurial journey. We learn how she unlocked opportunities straight off the bat through the power of self belief and self confidence. Securing corporate clients to starting her 1:1 and now 1:many private practice as a life coach.

Tune in and learn:
  • The power of mindset and inner confidence: How Victoria Inspired a CEO to secure her first Wellness corporate client.
  • Why the power of passion and belief is the secret to start before you’re ready
  • How doing what you love pays off – 6 years creating, sharing and building content allowed Victoria to inspire a future customer she didn’t yet know.
  • Actionable strategies to unlock answers and achieve anything you want.

Prepare to start building your own self mastery muscle. Jump in and learn how to see opportunities and challenges in a whole new way, it all starts with curiosity.

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