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Client Story: Charlotte Diaz
Charlotte Diaz, the founder of Cirrus HR, shares her experience transforming her business from gaining clarity and focus to taking the right action. Charlotte shares the key points of her journey to find her flow, bring back the joy and do more of the work she loves. "Working with Caroline has been transformative for me. Caroline has…
The Burst
Introducing THE BURST
If you're looking for a burst of inspiration or even a burst of motivation to get you in the zone and spark your genius, you're in the right place. I am so excited to bring to you THE BURST my monthly roundup of inspiration hand-picked from my show guests, network of experts, mentors, coaches…
Uncharted Journey
Uncharted Journeys
Caroline reveals her biggest success hacks. How she used her strength as a connector to start and grow. Why she doesn’t recognize “can’t” as an option. Her love for Disney and the biggest challenges she’s faced.
TGTV meets Caroline Kay
TGTV meets Caroline Kay
Meet Ben Collins and Patrick Charlie Lambert, co founders of True Group and hosts of TGTV, they are without a doubt the coolest guys you will ever get to hang out with. I was thrilled to be asked to be one of their True Group TV guests. Tune in to TGTV as we share…
Leigh Bornstein, Intrapreneur tech start up
Client Story: Leigh Bornstein
Leigh Bornstein is an Intrapreneur within a tech start up of a large multi-national, who went from overwhelmed and overworked to productive, happy and more and more successful in business. Here’s her story. The Catalyst As a business we were in the early stages of growth, specifically getting people to know our brand was key.…
Max May - Becoming the best CEO you can be
Becoming the best CEO you can be: Success Stories
Max May is the CEO of Rural Arts, a friendly, vibrant community arts centre and charity. Max wanted to become a better CEO. Overworking, over thinking and over analysing was holding him back. Within 6 months of coaching he raised his profile, secured his funding goal and became a confident leader that knew his value.…
Emotional impact_Luis _Villasmil
How I Coped With Emotional Impact
The final episode of the Snippets of Genius series is out November 18th, when I will share my own emotionally traumatic experience that occurred at the end of summer 2021. The impact of this event haunted me. I lost sleep, I was overthinking. Jumpy and highly sensitive to noise and light. Explosive towards my partner…

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