Have you spent your life in one place? One city? One job? Coasting along, happy enough but never really feeling the urge to disrupt your life, until now? 

If you’re dreaming of changing it up, making a contribution, and no longer settling with how things are…..today’s guest will inspire. 

Chris Cummings, CEO of Sonas Group shares his personal story that gave him the wake-up punch he needed to step out of his portfolio career and build a business that would dial up conversations in corporate wellness, shift people’s thinking and create global change.

Chris is on a mission to create workplaces where employees thrive everywhere. In this episode he shares how he built a global community and scaled his teams across Australia, North America and the UK with passion, authenticity and a clear purpose.  

If you’ve ever longed for a thriving business with purpose, you’ll love this episode! 

Tune in and you’ll learn: 
  • Why we all need much more than simply a job that pays the rent
  • The 2 questions you must ask yourself to find your purpose
  • How to make even the most difficult conversations a positive one
  • The importance of visualising your success 
  • Why real leaders are the ones who are brave enough to share their story 
  • How to attract industry heavy-weights to be part of your start-up
  • The challenges of breaking into new markets and how to speed it up
  • How you can find the energy to overcome any challenge

Chris’ talk will inspire you to make the difference you were born to make. Let this be the year that you take a stand for something that you know our world needs. If you are thinking it and feeling it, 9 times out of 10 there will be someone out there in the world feeling exactly the way you do too and ready to help you!

Stop letting life pass you by, get in the driving seat and rev those engines and you’ll see a crowd emerge ready to follow you anywhere. 

Hit play now and find your path of impact.

Feeling inspired? I’d love to hear from you. In the comments below let me know your biggest insight and how you plan to act on it?

If you have made a big career change or started your own business with purpose, get in touch. I’m curious to know what the most important lessons you learned along the way and why?


I’m Caroline

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