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Step into the spotlight

I help people, just like you, to get the result you want… sans sweaty palms and the fear of disaster. 


Imagine this…Opportunity has come knocking. The date is set. This is not a dress-rehearsal, you have one chance. You have the all-important time in the diary.  You need to wow, to knock someone’s socks off and show them what you’re made of!

Just one snag: you need to stand up and speak.

It feels awkward, uncomfortable and actually, if you really think about it, it’s downright terrifying. Then comes along our old friend… nerves. Darned dastardly nerves.
Fact of the day: If you’re nervous – your audience will be nervous for you. It’s like watching Britain’s Got-Talent! You see the terrified girl walk on and you think… Oh here we go… here’s a disaster waiting to happen. I bet she’s a crier too. (Thinking it doesn’t make me/us awful, just human).

William-Moreland by Unsplash

Cue my Dad’s favourite saying: “Failure to prepare is preparing to fail”. The thing is… if you don’t prepare, the worst case scenario is: your practiced story/ script/speech/pitch whatever it is, goes completely out of your head and you stand there like a lemon, wanting a giant hole in the ground to swallow you up. Maybe you know the feeling?
Or, and maybe this is worse… 

You remember it all, but it comes out wrong, you mix your words. You stammer, stutter, umm, ahh, the confidence you had, that you’ve got it all together feeling, leaves you. 
You see the person/people you’re talking to stop listening, sit back, check their phones and you know at that moment: you’ve lost them and more importantly you’ve lost it. Your big moment, gone. Forever. 
Ok, so what if there was a practical, no-nonsense way of preventing this?

What if it didn’t have to be like this?

What if… you could nail it. Every single time?

Well… That’s where I come in.

With my tools, strategies and support… you’ll see their smiles, their nodding heads, the scribbling of their pencils and best yet you will cleverly set up that (usually unpredictable) Q&A to be all the questions you want and know the answer to. 

Get ready to feel that inner confidence that you nailed it!

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An entrepreneur, strategic business and success coach dedicated to helping smart people grow their business so they can make a greater impact on the world.

© 2024 All Rights Reserved.