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Mental Fitness = Positive Transformations
Chloe Markham, Founder of The Yoga Revolution and I'm proud to say a long term client, completed the Mental Fitness 8-Week Course in early February 2023 and continued into the advanced GROW program throughout 2023. Her profound experiences and positive transformations showcase the impact of the course on various aspects of her life. The…
Caroline Kay Joins Enterprise Nation as an Advisor
This December, I joined Enterprise Nation as an advisor. I see this collaboration as a perfect fit, allowing me to bring my passion for guiding individuals and businesses to new heights. Navigating the complexities of starting and growing a business can be challenging, but that's where Enterprise Nation excels. They are a vibrant community of…
Inspiration Space | Caroline Kay | Professional in the room
Unleash Your Oomph!
The journey from knowledge to action, from self-discovery to tangible results, is one that every entrepreneur must embark upon. This month, I had the incredible opportunity to step into the role of 'Professional in the Room' within the inspiring confines of Inspiration Space. Join me in the 'hot seat' interview to unleash your oomph,…
TGTV meets Caroline Kay
TGTV meets Caroline Kay
Meet Ben Collins and Patrick Charlie Lambert, co founders of True Group and hosts of TGTV, they are without a doubt the coolest guys you will ever get to hang out with. I was thrilled to be asked to be one of their True Group TV guests. Tune in to TGTV as we share…

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