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TGTV meets Caroline Kay
TGTV meets Caroline Kay
Meet Ben Collins and Patrick Charlie Lambert, co founders of True Group and hosts of TGTV, they are without a doubt the coolest guys you will ever get to hang out with. I was thrilled to be asked to be one of their True Group TV guests. Tune in to TGTV as we share…
How To Be The Person Who Gets A Yes Every Time
M y first proper sales job; I was told to get on the phone and start selling. The fear of speaking to someone and not knowing what to say was paralysing – sound familiar? Although traumatic at the time, this was my greatest lesson on how to learn quickly by failing fast. Everyone I spoke…
Overcome fears of speaking in public: Success Stories
A ntonella Ceschi overcame her fears of speaking in public and expressing herself, boosted her confidence, and become an equity partner in one of the biggest law firms in the world. The Catalyst Before working with Caroline, I always had difficulties speaking in public, doing presentations and introducing myself at networking events.    An opportunity arose…

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