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Caroline Kay Snippets of Genius

S7 EP9: Series Wrap Up

The Big Lessons And The Secret Sauce It’s here the season wrap-up, your fast guide to burst your next opportunity wide open and become the person you most want to be.  In this episode… We will explore the big lessons that have come from this series on how to have fun at work and the

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David Allison

S7 EP8: David Allison – How to make fast friends you value

Compel, Captivate and Connect Ever feel like it’s hard to find and make deep and valuable connections?  What would happen if you stopped playing it safe, and started to boldly share your feelings, ideas and dreams?  In today’s episode of Snippets of Genius, David Allison, a human values expert, global researcher, and two-time best-selling author

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Danny Matthews - sitting on a sofa

S7 EP5: Danny Matthews – How to avoid founder burnout

Believe, experiment, tell your story.  Are you passionate about solving big problems but wondering how you can? Then this episode is for you.  Just imagine waking up one day and securing 3.5 Billion in funding. Then imagine the weight of that responsibility. Let that sink in for a minute.  Because, as you’re about to learn,

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Maisie Nicholls

S7 EP4: Maisie Nicholls – How To Bring Yourself Back To The Joy

Feeling Safe, Secure and Positive  This is a wonderful conversation about how you can learn what is invisibly holding you back from becoming all you can be. And even, righting the wrongs of your past. Interested? I am.  So I asked, Maisie Nicholls – an EMDR Therapist – to tell us everything she knows about

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