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The 3 things you need more than experience to scale your business #S1EP6 Chris Cummings

Have you spent your life in one place? One city? One job? Coasting along, happy enough but never really feeling the urge to disrupt your life, until now?  If you’re dreaming of changing it up, making a contribution, and no longer settling with how things’s guest will inspire.  Chris Cummings, CEO of Sonas Group…

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Is it insane to start a business in the midst of the pandemic? #S1EP5 Interview with Lucy Nelson

Whatever life throws at us, this always brings up new customer needs or simply creates a bigger need. In today’s show we talk about starting not one but two businesses, which both solve a real customer pain -  mental, physical, emotional, and everything in between.  My guest is Lucy Nelson, Director & CEO of 2XN, A…

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The perfect time to start your business is now #S1EP4 with Tony O’Sullivan, the mobile vet.

Are you working long hours? Do you have little time for friends and family? Are you too tired in your free time to really make the most of it?  If you're struggling to listen to your heart and find the perfect time to start your business, today’s episode will help.  This week's guest was struggling with the…

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