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Zitah McMillan CEO Predictive Black

5 tips when speaking to Investors to make your value proposition land #S4E1 Zitah McMillan

My guest Zitah McMillan CEO and cofounder of Predictive Black, shares her experience navigating the start up landscape to build a complex SaaS business in the world of FinTech. A staggering, 83% of all FinTech executives are male, so unsurprisingly this has left Zitah sometimes questioning if she is in the right place. Join us…

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Jennifer Tarjanyi

The secrets to be more creative, compassionate, and connected. Interview with Jennifer Tarjanyi #S3EP7

Do you love learning but can easily recall some fairly crap experiences? Have you been on a company training program that did nothing for you? Did a dreaded role play and experienced no lasting benefits? Does all this leave you wondering how you can train your staff and build your company to be more connected,…

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Victoria Sardain

Self Mastery 101; Curiosity Over Culpability with Victoria Sardain #S3E6

Victoria Sardain is a corporate wellness consultant and self mastery life coach. In this episode she takes us behind the scenes of her entrepreneurial journey. We learn how she unlocked opportunities straight off the bat through the power of self belief and self confidence. Securing corporate clients to starting her 1:1 and now 1:many private…

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Kate Bradley Chernis Guitar Solos

Playing the venture game -the golden ticket and the pitfalls to watch out for, Kate Bradley Chernis #S3EP3

Welcome back for the second installment in this mini series of Kate Bradley Chernis’ entrepreneurial journey. In this episode we peak behind the veneer of a business on the up, winning portfolio work, and entering into spaces most tech start ups only dream of, to discover the harsh reality of playing the venture game. We…

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Kate Bradley Chernis MarTech entrepreneur

The secrets, the changes and the catalysts to Kate Bradley Chernis’ entrepreneurial journey #S3E2.

How much do you think you’ll change over the next 10 years? How much to think you have changed in the last decade? What do you predict will happen? Can you imagine? Imagining your own entrepreneurial journey is hard, Kate’s entrepreneurial journey into MarTech is unbelievable! This could be an epic movie, a binge…

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