Did you know 30% of start ups fail due to the emotional state of a founders wellbeing?

Taking steps to support both your physical and mental health, put simply, makes good business sense. However, asking for help takes strength and sharing your feelings and emotions after emotional trauma takes courage. It is my hope that sharing my personal story will be a small contribution to normalise the conversation around mental health and help you take action too.

Fear, anger, disbelief, denial, sadness all hit me hard after a traumatic holiday experience that left me reeling.

Listen out for the prompts that made me check-in, dig deeper, and speak more openly…

Tune in and learn:

  • The simple methods to combat denial and release fear and anger
  • Why seeking support in many forms helps to recover faster
  • How to be kind to yourself and deal with your emotions

Your ability to control, manage and support your emotional state is critical to your success.

Stay tuned to the end where I reveal the best support I received and now champion.

Let me know in the comments the steps you will take when wrestling with your mental health?


Read the story ‘How I coped with emotional Impact’ and take steps to surround yourself with the right kind of people to be vulnerable with. Link and option to add the name of a professional mental first-aider to your network inside.

Download a copy of the report “Are Entrepreneurs touched with Fire” by Michael Freeman (Prof of Psychiatry at Uni of Calif , Entrepreneurship Mentor & Serial Founder).

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