Do you dream of a life less ordinary, one where you can create standout memories and achieve freedom in your life? Tune in for today’s special guest, Mills Gray, as she reveals the secrets to staying the course. The opportunities, the defining moments that have kept her the hell away from a corporate setting and supercharged 13 happy years doing what she loves.

Naturally there are highs and lows inside any entrepreneurial journey but Mills’ brings the weird and wonderful to the table; from a Granny’s living room to the MGM Arena in Vegas, no less!

If you’ve ever felt out of step or out of place with those around you, you’re not alone. Mills shares the challenges she felt being in any kind of institution, and the freedom she had found through her entrepreneurial endeavors.

This episode is the perfect companion for when you hear the inner critic…telling you, “you’re not clever enough to do this” or worse planting the seed of doubt with questions like “but what will people think?” Get ready to silence those voices and bust those false beliefs wide open.

Tune in and learn
  • How to not give a f**k what other people think with practical steps to achieve anything you want to do.
  • Why Investing in yourself is and forever will be the best money you ever spend.
  • Why it’s important to get help quickly and what to focus on
  • The special ingredients to boost your business
  • How to free yourself from the feeling of not doing enough by working with your energy

I hope you enjoy today’s episode and that you will take inspired action to find your way to build a business and life you love.

Need a quick motivational boost to get you going? Why not press play on Mills’ favourite belter from The Greatest Showman

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