Covid has been hard on teams and leaders. There is no escaping it. In this episode Kate shares how her leadership has been tested; her saviours, motivators and strategies to combat the Covid Hangover.

We jump back in to our conversation, where Kate has asked the women VC’s who approached her, to prove they are the right fit for her and her company.

Tune in and you will learn:

  • Who you don’t want in your company at any cost
  • What to do when you find yourself caught in a lie.
  • How coaching has impacted Kate’s business.
  • The strategies to start early to enable your business to thrive
  • 3 key motivators to stay the course
  • Where to find inspiration every single day

Hang on to end for my key takeaways, which include: what you can consider and action now to help your business connect, inspire and grow.

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Listen to the full mini-series here:

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To your success!

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