Feeling undervalued or frustrated at work? If that’s you, today’s guest will not only inspire you to seize an opportunity but also recognise that you have got what it takes to be a success on your terms. 

James Starkey is a Digital Marketing Strategist, who was tired of agency-life and wanted to take a less complicated approach. Now James has nearly 5 years as a creative entrepreneur under his belt and many more in his future. 

His secret? 

Instead of building another marketing agency, he looked outside his industry for inspiration to change the model and create his very own laboratory for ideas. 

If you want to build a business that truly thrives on your terms, listen to my interview with James Starkey, Founder of Black Lab Digital

Join our conversation and learn: 
  • How to recognise the kick-start opportunity and when it’s staring you in the face 
  • What to avoid in order to jump start
  • How to pick yourself-up after a co-founder break-up
  • Money principles every entrepreneur needs to follow in the first year
  • The Killer Attack Submarine theory 
  • What’s needed to allow you to focus on the business
  • The best way to move through the fear and scale 
  • The real measure of success at any stage of business

This short episode is packed full of insights. Once you’ve listened to it, I’d love to hear which insight meant the most to you and why?

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