I was first inspired to take global action in late 2019, during a rapid accelerator strategy session in London with Dent Global. As part of the session I was invited (along with a room full of other budding entrepreneurs) to pick from the 17 global goals. I instantly chose number 14 – Life Below Water. For those of you who know me or follow me on social, you’ll know that when I’m not working, my favourite place to be is in the water, on it, by it, you name it – I love it.

Take a moment now to review the 17 Global Goals our World Leaders are committed to and choose what you’re drawn too.


The idea now is that you commit to it.

“We need your help to share the goals too: in conversation, on email, in debate, on products, at home, at work, at school – whatever it takes to Tell Everyone”.

Life Below Water

Until now, I’ve causally looked around for inspiration and ways to contribute to a charity. I think I must have adopted the ‘take three for the sea‘ before it became a hastag, campaign and now a charitable foundation. However, small steps and options to join in have just never felt enough. Don’t get me wrong, the organisations I’m aware of have helped me get started and allowed me to give a little bit here and there. I also know if everyone committed to take action it would make the difference. I’ve just never felt I could go on the journey, you know?

I want to be inspired in a way that makes me want to take part, start a conversation, heck, even be an ambassador for the non-profit. Am I expecting too much? I didn’t think so.

Life Below Water an instant decision for me but finding the right charity has been a whole other story. This year, with more screen time than ever, the on-going images of plastic waste on all my social feeds, my annoyance went to boiling point! The pressure cooker well and truly popped. So instead of researching Christmas gifts, I researched every charity I could find that supports life below water.

Starting 2021 with new hope #turnthetide

I am proud to announce that Sea Legacy are my nominated charity for 2021. As they are the biggest action takers and story tellers I’ve ever come across in the charity sphere. Their extraordinary visual story-telling, captured by top creative talent and communication experts, caught both by eye and my imagination. Please check them out!

SeaLegacy are turning the tide to create a world with healthy and abundant oceans. If you have a passion for life below water and like me you feel a deep desire to be part of the solution, you can start here https://only.one/allhands. The Only one platform will also double your donation this December to support Blue Sphere Foundation, Lonely Whale, and SeaLegacy. That’s treble the impact.

2020 has been tough on so many of our families and businesses, many of us don’t have the cash to donate to charities and if that’s your case don’t start with money. I advise to connect with any one of the individual organisations, that supports your chosen Global Goal, and volunteer your time instead.

Action, Activism and Art

SeaLegacy’s footage is clearly set to reach the bar of Attenborough, so just imagine being part of the crew and their community! The opportunity to connect art and science and bear witness to an experience you’ll never forget. An opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals that will make a lasting difference. SeaLegacy provide opportunities to get involved with expeditions, campaigns and solutions. They turn apathy into action from empowering coastal women to developing sustainable tourism. You have opportunity to go on a big adventure, how does developing ways to swim with sharks in a safe and sustainable way sound? You can do as much or as little as you like.

Creativity, community and adventure are my highest values, so needless to say these campaigns are something I want to support and share. I truly believe, I’ve finally found the creative superstars who can help us achieve extraordinary things while having fun and building a better future.

Don’t make excuses, make choices.

My festive wish this Christmas is that you read this and find your global goal to align with. That you take action and go in search of your tribe, your cause, your very own global goal. Find those who activate your passion or even channel your anger.

Take the lead or join the cause to shine a light on the change that needs to happen. Instead of gifts to clients this year, I’ve made my company donation to Only One and joined The Tide campaign led by SeaLegacy. It feels amazing to be contributing to their campaigns and solutions for life below water.

Wherever you are, whatever your position, do some research, find the opportunity and your way to do your bit; protect the ocean, the planet, and each other. If all else fails, make your commitment to take three, it’s a wonderful place to start.

Living in hope for a better future and wishing you all a very Merry Christmas.

Caroline x

The Only One Platform is a project of the Only One Collective. Founded in 2019 by Blue Sphere Foundation, Lonely Whale, and SeaLegacy; organizations committed to harnessing the power of media and technology to create and amplify stories that inspire action.