Jordan Eaton, a diversified entrepreneur, gained clarity to overcome imposter syndrome and start his next purpose driven business.

Here’s his story.

The Catalyst

Over the years, I’ve built up a number of businesses from construction to hospitality and fitness, all whilst raising four kids. Before working with Caroline, I had millions of ideas for my next venture. I knew I wanted to create something that combined all my business and life experiences to provide holistic well being for myself and others. The question was what and how? The best way to describe my thinking was chaotic. Everything felt up in the air. I was thinking so big I was struggling with imposter syndrome too; not feeling good enough, beating myself up and holding myself back. I needed to get a solid strategy to break down who I wanted to serve and where I wanted to start. I also wanted to build a working routine that would allow me to stay balanced while gaining momentum.

The Experience

The sessions were really enjoyable and eye opening. I went from floating around not knowing where to start to being focused on the results I want to achieve.

Caroline is very good at finding the best way to support you. In my case, we went through my strengths and the lessons I have learnt through my multiple business ventures. I was provided with tools to dive deep into these, which forced me to put the time into my ideas. Now, I understand my valuable skills, how this translates into the value I offer and my bigger why for doing this work. Caroline showed me how to package these up, create an income and a roadmap to set up and scale my ideas.   

Through Caroline’s regular catch ups and accountability, I’ve got into a routine and gained deeper clarity on what works for me to be productive. This experience has enabled me to get out of my own way and move forwards. Each session, Caroline helped me to see my progress and efforts in a positive way too. I gained the ability to see my achievements, a new skill for me. My automatic thoughts have changed from what I’ve not done to what I have done; this has built up my confidence and the momentum in my actions. 

The Breakthrough

There was a lot, so I’m going to have to choose which ones were the biggest! First, I’d say clarity. I’m now more aware of the wealth of expertise I have to offer, what I want and how I’m going to get there. So when you put all of this together it’s been a massive breakthrough.

Each session we unpacked exactly how much knowledge and skills I have, it’s changed my self belief. This awareness made it easy to nail down one demographic and one avatar. I’ve now got massive clarity around who I want to serve, how and why.

Caroline also helped me to recognise that to get things done I need to be on-mission. I’ve done a lot of personal development work over the years and I’ve never figured this out before. I need to know that what I do is clearly going to benefit others, otherwise I lose motivation. It needs to be bigger than ‘making money’. There needs to be a purpose, an outcome and a drive to everything I do.

I’m now ready to start, actually I’ve already started and got one client. I provide a mix between coaching, consulting and implementation, and my client and I are seeing results. I’m now in a position to take this idea to the next level and build my business.

If you’re thinking about working with any coach and you come across Caroline, I would 100% recommend working with her, as she will massively help you and in many, many ways. It’s not just business, there is also mindset and productivity. Caroline is great at pushing you to look deeper and help you see what you’re capable of, see what’s possible, and help you gain the confidence to get out there and do it!

Jordan Eaton.

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