The importance of being visible: Success Stories, Rebecca Bennetto

Rebecca Bennetto, a big-hearted entrepreneur with a mission to transform people’s lives, got clear on her values, passion and enrollment strategy, grew her audience and signed-up clients on the spot.

Here’s her story.

The Catalyst

Before I started working with Caroline, I had been going round in circles for about a year.  I was very mixed up in my mind; I didn’t know the direction I needed to take my business. While I knew what I wanted, I was looking to learn how to start.

I had some hesitations about investing in coaching, but I was already familiar with Caroline and I knew she had so much success in her own career that she would be the right person to build the foundations of a business and support me moving forward, so I knew I had to go all in.

The Experience

When I first started with Caroline I said treat me as a start-up business, and so she helped me to set up in a clear and more concise way, which gave me so much more focus, confidence and energy.

Each week I was encouraged at every step, Caroline’s helped me again and again, guiding me through my blocks by delving into the reasoning behind it all. 

We celebrated my successes and with her support I did things totally out of my comfort zone; I achieved more momentum than I could have done on my own.

What I loved about working with Caroline was her commitment and honesty; she was always there for me so I didn’t feel alone on the journey anymore. She gave me useful feedback and consistently knew how and where to direct me.  This included building my audience, navigating and developing the right mindset when talking to clients, plus working with tools, resources and books to refine and improve the way I work.

The Breakthrough

Caroline taught me the importance of being visible. That’s been a massive breakthrough. I’m now much more confident talking about my business and connecting with people. A few weeks in I was meeting and signing up clients more confidently and with much more ease.

I’ve learnt to focus on the right things and how to get the foundations right, Caroline’s helped me redefine work from being something I didn’t enjoy into something fun that is growing.

I’ve now got greater clarity on what it is that I want, what I’m building and why.  So much so, I am setting up my third business and I know where I can go for more help when I’m ready to take this to the next level.

I would absolutely 100% recommend working with Caroline for whatever stage at business you are at, she will get you from where you are to where you want to be faster than you are able to alone.

If you’re considering working with Caroline or just started working with her, know that you can really rely on her support. Be open, and tell her everything. She will show you the steps to build a business you love.

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